mid tex mod, the central texas chapter of Docomomo US, brings people together to celebrate a shared love of mid-20th century design. through advocacy, events, and education, we work to preserve modern movement buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes for generations to come.

Docomomo US Tour Day 2020: The '70s Turn 50!

October 2020

Final date and details coming soon!

Can you believe it? The 1970s turned 50 years old in 2020! This year's Docomomo US Tour Day theme is "The '70s Turn 50," and it's all about 1970s architecture. As Docomomo notes, in the 1970s "architectural designs were responding to the cultural zeitgeist of political and social upheaval, the looming energy crisis, and new advances in material and building technology," and designs were "uniquely aligned with corporate development, branding, and large project or campus architecture." Regionally, this brings to mind the original UTSA campus in San Antonio and the LBJ Library and Museum on the UT Austin campus.

Plan to celebrate local 1970s architecture with Mid Tex Mod in October! Mid Tex Mod will help to highlight and embrace 1970s regional design. Stay tuned and check back for details as the month approaches.

The event will be part of the nationwide Docomomo US Tour Day, an annual celebration of modern architecture and design, where the public and like-minded organizations across the country can participate in tours or events on the second Saturday and throughout the month of October.

The Lyndon B Johnson Presidential Library & School of Public Affairs, opened in 1971 on the campus of UT - Austin

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