mid tex mod, the central texas chapter of Docomomo US, brings people together to celebrate a shared love of mid-20th century design. through advocacy, events, and education, we work to preserve modern movement buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes for generations to come.

Docomomo US Tour Day 2021: BURGER TRAIL

Mid Tex Mod is excited to share our theme for DOCOMOMO US Tour Day 2021: BURGER TRAIL. Throughout the year on our MTM Facebook page, we’ll feature roadside diners serving our favorite snacks—burgers, fries, shakes, and more! In October for Tour Day, we’ll feature several locations from our membership area, which includes Austin, San Antonio, Waco, San Marcos, Bryan/College Station, and Corpus Christi. Check back soon for more details!

The Docomomo US Tour Day 2021 theme is TRAVEL AND LESIURE. Whether hitting the road by car or jetting off to exotic locations, modern ideals and aesthetics can be found just about everywhere you look. As we begin 2021 with some cautious optimism, Docomomo US is excited to explore what we have been missing in 2020. With the travel industry heavily impacted because of the pandemic, this is also an opportunity to help a struggling sector of the economy while delving into some of the great architecture, landscapes, sites, and stories of our modern travel heritage. Follow Mid Tex Mod and Docomomo US chapters across the country as we celebrate resources like motels and hotels, roadside attractions and other travel amenities, theaters, parks, restaurants, travel movies and stories, and travel resources like the Green Book.

Suggest donations for Tour Day:
$5 for Members
$15 for Non-Members


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